Sweet Stevie Sweatervest

by Introverse the MC

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Stephen Harper in Song Form!


Let me take a minute now tell you a little bit about Stephen Harper, a man so corrupt he makes Nixon look like Jimmy Carter, sold us all in the can he kicked down the road to China won’t stop til the whole country’s as barren as Regina dismantled the wheat board, gave it to Saudi Arabia for promises and pennies on the dollar- kleptomania a fire sale, scorched earth everything must go somewhere over the rainbow (pot o gold) follow the cash flow from Fort Mac to Gatineau energy superpower for about a week and a half all the eggs in one basket broken as the market crashed- nice economic action plan you got there, Steve, be a shame if we all got together to give you the heave October 19th will be a good day for your dictatorship to die hard pass the popcorn and potato chips stand by for the fight card

Don’t vote for the leader, you vote for your MP, whoever’s got the best chance in your constituency to knock out whichever Con Man happens to be part of the current 39% majority

Can’t say the system failed us when some failed to understand the system- First past the post is not representative democracy Justin the Unready and the old elite are too arrogant to put aside differences like Preston Manning and Brian Mulroney so we as the electorate have no choice but to do it for them coalition is not a dirty four letter word, it’s the only way to make the majority heard so get up stand up never give up the fight, really make our voices heard on election night unless you want more of the same double dealing sellout talking out the side of his mouth can I get some decent affordable day care? A government that plays fair, gives a rat’s ass about missing n murdered women? the state of affairs sees future generations dealing with our mess unless we say auf wiedersehn goodbye to Sweet Stevie Sweatervest.


released September 25, 2015
Introverse the MC, Randy Woods, Tom Mulcair, Stephen Harper



all rights reserved


Introverse the MC Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

A brute force machine gun stream of consciousness jackhammer, Introverse the MC is a man possessed with the pursuit of lyrical integrity of the highest order, weaving acerbic wit with profound revelation into a heady cerebral brew that is at once book-smart and street-wise. Introverse will blow your mind 17 ways to Sunday then take you for brunch. ... more

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